Heavy Duty Metal Cutting CNC Horizontal Lathe with Large Loading Capacity and Swing Dia.1250MM-1600MM(10T)

Heavy Duty Metal Cutting CNC Horizontal Lathe with Large Loading Capacity and Swing Dia.1250MM-1600MM(10T)

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CK61125/CK61160 series Heavy Duty Metal Cutting CNC Horizontal Lathe Description

This series of lathe machine has a overall box-shaped structure made with high quality cast iron (HT300) one molding casting. After the second aging treatment, it has the feature of stable performance, good rigidity, and good anti-vibration ability.  The guide way width is 970mm, and the spindle bore is 130mm. The strong rigidity of headstock, adapting to heavy cutting. Automatic segmentation speed change controlled by the M code, stepless speed within segment controlled by the S code, achieving stepless speed and constant linear cutting. The X-direction and Z-direction use the precision grinding grade ball screw, ensured a high processing accuracy, positioning accuracy and accuracy of retention. Longitudinal (Z) Feeding: for the distance between centers from 1000mm-5000mm specifications: AC servo motor that installed on the left side of the feeding box drives the ball screw via high precision planetary reducer, longer than 6000mm is the rack and pinion structure. Equipped with 4-station vertical electric turret, but also according to their customers’ needs 6-station horizontal electric turret and 8-position horizontal electric turret can be chosen. Tailstock structure is strong, which can perform heavy cutting, adopting electric tailstock to achieve automatic rapid movement and improve efficiency. Spindle motor adoptsα50-6000ip servo motor or 22kw high-power AC variable frequency main motor with frequency converter, the output is large and variable speed range is big. Equipped with Ф1250mm standard manual four-jaw chuck, but also different types of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic three-jaw or four-jaw chuck can be chosen according to customers’ need. The lathe machine axis-X and Z ball screw have taken protective measures equipped with emergency stop safety button, when the lathe machine suddenly encountered a sudden power failure or other failures, due to the special design of the control circuit, it can be self-protection to ensure that the lathe machine and staff safety.

CNC system uses the most well-known international FANUC 0i-TD or Siemens 828DSL control system (also available matching other systems according to user requirements). Programs and parameter can be transferred through manual writer and RS232C standard communication interface. Axis –X and Z are controlled at the same time, it has a straight line, arc and thread interpolation and a variety of other fixed cycle and other functions, the minimum resolution is 0.001mm.

This series of lathe machine is a popular CNC lathe developed according to the latest development trend of CNC lathes in the international market. They are used widely, flexible operation, suitable for processing all kinds of complex shapes of shafts, sets, disk parts, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end face, grooving, chamfer, threading, Especially for multi-species, small batch of turns processing, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low scrap rate, good product consistency, easy programming, simple operation, reducing the technical requirements of workers, it is the ideal medium mechanical processing equipment.

Swing over bedmm12501600
Swing over carriagemm8801210
Max.length of workpiecemm3000 5000(6000/8000/10000optional)
Max.turning lengthmm2800 4800
Pan of guidewaymm970
Max weight of guidwayTON10T
Spindle nosemmA2-15
Spindle boremm130
Taper hole of spindle
Range of spindle speedsr/min3.15~315
No.of spindle speeds
Chuckmm4 jaw 1250mm
Min.feed incrementmm0.001/0.001
Rapid speedsmm/min3000/6000
Turret working position
V4(V6/V8   Optional)
Indexing times2.6
indexing repeatilitymm0.01
Section of tool shankmm40X40
Dia. of tailstock quillmm220
Travel of tailstock quillmm300
Taperhole of tailstock
Workpiece accuracy
Surface roughnessμmRa1.6
Main powerkw22
Lathe masskg9000 11000 13000
Lengthmm4500 6000 8000
CNC System


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