Swing Dia.1600MM-2500MM(32T)heavy Duty Strong Rigidity CNC Lathe with 3 Rectangular Guideway

Product Details

CK61160 / CK61200 / CK61250 (32T) series heavy duty CNC machine description

This series of lathe machine bed is whole box-shaped three guide-way structure, adopting high standard cast iron (HT300) one molding casting, after the second aging treatment, it has the feature of stable performance; guide-way width (1600mm), good rigidity, anti-vibration ability , The main mechanism is driven by the 75KW DC motor, using the method of adjustable magnetic regulation ,  adjustment voltage and hybrid speed regulating mode, the ratio is 1: 22. Speed change is three step, mechanical and electrical integrated speed ratio is 1: 200,  spindle speed range is 0.8 ~ 160r / min and stepless speed change. The spindle bore diameter is large, headstock adopts the split type structure, and the contact rigidity is improved after scraping. The spindle adopts the front and rear bearing structure, so that the radial and axial stiffness and rotation precision are high. The tailstock is composed of upper and lower body, the upper body is equipped with a sleeve, a spindle and a pressure sensor, and the lower body is equipped with a fast moving mechanism. CK61100 with Ф1600mm heavy-duty manual four-jaw chuck; CK61200 with Ф1800mm heavy-duty manual four-jaw chuck; CK61200 with Ф2000mm heavy manual four-jaw chuck. Standard configuration has two steady rest, one is closed type, the other is open type. It is equipped with protective device and emergency stop safety button, when the machine suddenly encountered a sudden power failure or other failures, due to the special design of the control circuit, it can be self-protection to ensure that the lathe machine and personnel safety.

This series of lathe machine is based on the international market and the latest development trend of CNC lathes developed with semi-closed-loop control of the popular CNC heavy-duty lathes. 1600mm wide flat bed guide way provided users with a larger workpiece load, it is the production of large parts ideal mechanical processing equipment.

Swing over bedmm160020002200
Swing over carriagemm125016001850
Max.length of workpiecemm4000~20000
Max.weight of workpiecet32
Form of bed guideway
Span of guidewaymm1600
Power of spindlekw75
Center cone apex angle°75
Spindle speed
Range of spindle speedr/min0.8~160
Face chuck Dia.mm1600/1800
Max.torque of face chuckknm80
Range of cross feedmm/min1~2000
Travel of crossmm725
Range of longitudinal feedmm/min1~4000
Travel of  longitudinalmm4000~20000
Turret working pistion
Size of turretmm70X70
Max.cutting forcekn80
Rapid of turretkw1.5
Dia. of tailstockmm300
Travel of tailstovkmm300
Taper hole of tailstock
Rapid of tailstockmm/min3000
Rapid of sleecemm/min664
CNC system


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