350MM CNC Oil&gas Field Pipe Threading Lathe

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QKA1235 pipe thread CNC machine description

This series of lathe machine bed adopts high standard cast iron (HT300) one molding casting, guide way width is 755mm, processed by the second aging treatment, it owns the characters of stable performance, good rigidity, anti-vibration ability. Spindle bore diameter is 355mm, machined pipe diameter is 340mm. Two-point supported spindle with precision heavy-duty bearing, spindle speed is the automatic segmented gear shift control by the M code, stepless within segment controlled by the S code, achieving stepless speed and constant linear cutting. X-direction and Z-direction using precision ball screw assembly ensures a high processing accuracy, positioning accuracy and accuracy of retention. longitudinal (Z) feeding carried out by AC servo motor mounted on the left side of feed box drives the ball screw via planetary gear box. (X-direction) feeding carried out by AC servo motor mounted on the saddle back drives the ball screw via flexible coupling. Before delivery all the lathe machines are tested with British RENISHAW laser detector for dynamic accuracy detection and compensation, ensured they have a high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. Standard configuration is with the 4-station turret which is free lifting and tool changes quickly and easily, a vertical 4,6 station and horizontal 6,8 station and other electric turret can be chosen. Tailstock is electric motor driven type, it can move automatically and quickly, manual type tailstock also can be selected according to users’ need. hook drag. The main motor is high-power AC variable frequency motor with frequency converter, the output is large and big range of speed. Equipped with doubleΦ800mm manual compound 4-jaw chuck. CNC system uses the internationally renowned FANUC, SIEMENS or China GSK980TD AC servo control system. The lathe machine adopts semi-closed protection and equipped with emergency stop safety button, when suddenly encounters unexpected power failure or self-failure, due to the special design of the control circuit, the lathe machine can be self-protection, ensured that the machine and personnel safety.

This series of lathe machine is mainly developed for the turning of oil field pipe thread, it is not only suitable for all kinds of pipe thread turning, but also can be used for ordinary CNC lathe, suitable for processing complex shape of the shaft, sets, disk parts, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end face, chamfer. Especially for multi-species, small batch of turning processing, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low scrap rate, good product consistency, easy programming, simple operation, reducing the technical requirements of workers, it is the ideal medium mechanical processing equipment.

External Dia. of pipes mm 340
Swing over bed mm 1100
Swing over carriage mm 730
Max.length of workpiece mm 1500/3000/5000
Max.length of turning mm 1300/2800/4800
Span of guideway mm 755
Spindle nose A2-20
Taper hole of spindle 1:20
Spindle bore mm 275/355
Top taper of spindle 6#
Range of spindle speed r/min 320
Chuck mm 800
Min. feed of X/Z-axis mm 0.001/0.001
Rapid of X/Z-axis m/min 4/5
Max. travel of X mm 540
Turret type V4 □300
Section of tool shank mm 40x40
Indexing repeatability mm 0.008
Max.cutting force N 29400
Dia. of tailstock mm 160
Travel of tailstovk mm 300
Taper hole of tailstock Morse6
Main power kw 18.5
Accuracy IT6~IT7
Roughness RA1.6
Length mm 4800/6300/8300
Width mm 2520
Hight mm 2120
Weight t 9、11、13
CNC system 0i-mate-TD/0i-TD


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