630MM CNC Vertical Wheel Repair Turning Lathe

630MM CNC Vertical Wheel Repair Turning Lathe

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CK514 CNC Vertical Wheel Repair Turning Lathe description

This machine base is whole piece designed by using thickwalls mixed with dense ribs structure, it has a high rigidity, strength and good shock absorption. The spindle unit design adopts the internationally mature chunky structure, supported by double row cylindrical roller bearings with bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearings. Bearing lubricated by imported high-speed grease, when in the high-speed rotation getting very little heat, obtaining the best processing accuracy and lower operating temperature. The spindle driven by variable frequency motor through narrow V belt, which ensured the entire transmission system of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration. The guideway is linear guideway, which has the further of small friction coefficient, fast feed speed, big bearing capacity, low noise and long life. The machine equips with vertical 6-station electric turret, ∮400mm 3-jaw dead hole hydraulic chuck, chip conveyor, and centralized quantitative automatic lubrication system.

CNC system uses FANUC CNC system made in Japan, or GSK988T system made in China, which are high efficiency, high speed, high precision machining; and have easy operation, full-featured and high reliability further. The machine is fully enclosed and with emergency stop safety button, when the machine suddenly encountered an unexpected power failure or self-failure, due to the special design of the control circuit, it can be self-protection to ensure that the machine and personnel safety.

This CNC lathe was developed and designed accompanied by the latest development trend and adapting to market demand, it absorbed the advanced technology of similar machine at home and abroad. This machine is mainly used for processing the discs and short shaft parts, it can do the performance of turning inside and outside of the cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end face, slot, chamfer, thread and other processes, especially for more varieties, small batch of turns processing. Easy clamping, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low scrap rate, easy programming, simple operation, good consistency of the finished product, and can reduce the technical requirements of the workers skilled, which made it widely used in Automotive, motorcycle industry and other industries for processing complex short shaft, disk parts.

Swing over bedmm630
Max. turning heightmm500
Max. turning Dia.mm400
Spindle nose
Range of spindler/mm50~2000
Max. of torquenm600
Dia. front bearingmm130
Rapid of X-axism/mm10
Rapid of Z-axism/mm15
Travel of X-axismm-50~360
Travel of Z-axismm500
Type of tool post
Shank external toolmm32x32
Boring toolmm50/40/32
Workpiece accuracymmIT6
Positioning accuracymm0.018/0.020
Repeat accuracymm0.006/0.010
Main powerkw22
Servo motor of Xkw2.5
Servo motor of Zkw2.5
Motor of coolingpumpkw1.1
Lathe masskg7700
CNC System
Optional turret


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