Swing Dia.1250MM-1600MM(10T) Large Swing Diameter Heavy Duty Conventional Horizontal Lathe

Swing Dia.1250MM-1600MM(10T) Large Swing Diameter Heavy Duty Conventional Horizontal Lathe

Product Details

Ordinary heavy duty 10T manual machine description

This series of machine tools are mainly used to undertake all kinds of turning work, it can turn all kinds of parts of the end, cylindrical, bore and metric thread, inch thread, modulus thread, diameter thread. Can be used on the turret to cut the taper alone, but also can be used on the knife with the vertical feed with the long taper motor. In addition can also bear the drilling, nesting, boring and other processes. The machine power, rigidity, and can use carbide cutting tools for thread cutting, to process a variety of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

CW61125 / 10T is a base type product with a maximum turning diameter of 1250mm.

CW61140 / 10T is the base type heightening products, the maximum diameter of the bed is 1400mm.

CW61160 / 10T is a high size, the maximum diameter of the bed diameter of 1600mm。

Swing over bedmm125014001600
Swing over carriagemm86510101210
Max.length of workpiecemm3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000
Max.turning lengthmm2800 3800 4800 5800 7800 9800 11800
Pan  of  guidewaymm970
Max.cutting forceN45000
Max.weight of workpiecekg10000
Dia.of spindle holemm130
Taper hole of spindle
Range of spindle speedsr/minforward:3.15~315;  reverse:3.5~291
No.of spindle speeds
forward:21;  reverse:12
Longitudinal and cross
Range of feed motionmmlongitudinal:0.1~12;cross:0.05~6; top siide:0.025~3
No. and range of metric thread
No. and range of inch thread
No. and range of module thread
No. and range of dia. thread
Max.travel of cross slidemm650
Max.travel of top slidemm300
Section of tool shankmm45(260x260)
Tool post swing range°±90°
Rapid of tool postmm/minLongitudinal:3740;cross:1870;top slide:935
Max.travel of tool postmm2900 3900 4900 5900 7900 9900 11900
Dia. of tailstockmm220
Travel of tailstock quillmm300
Taper hole of tailstock quill
morse 6
Main motor powerkw22
Lengthmm6020 7020 8020 9020 11020 13020 15020
Heightmm2175  2325  2525


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