Swing Dia.1600MM-2500MM(32T) Heavy Duty Large Loading Capacity Manual Conventional Lathe Machine

Swing Dia.1600MM-2500MM(32T) Heavy Duty Large Loading Capacity Manual Conventional Lathe Machine

Product Details

C61160 / C61200 / C61250 (32T) series of heavy-duty manual manual machine description

This series of lathe bed bed for the overall box-shaped three rectangular guide structure, the use of high standard cast iron (HT300) a molding casting, after the second aging treatment, stable performance, the width of the guide rail 1600mm machine main drive by the 75KW DC motor The main motor and the transmission mechanism through the flexible coupling connection, through the mechanical gears and helical gear vice, the power transmitted to the chuck, so that the chuck to achieve the required torque. Shaft diameter, the box with a split structure, the spindle before and after the support of the two bearing structure, so that the radial and axial stiffness, high rotation accuracy. This series of machine tool holders with manual and mobile two functions. The entire turret consists of a large knife frame, a horizontal turret, a turret, a turret and a small turret. The tool holder has three maneuver feeds, the longitudinal feed of the large tool holder, the horizontal feed of the cross tool holder and the longitudinal feed of the upper tool holder. The tailstock consists of upper and lower body, the upper body is equipped with sleeve, spindle, pressure sensor, the lower body is equipped with tailstock fast moving mechanism, stop the body and the hand pressure pump. (Can also choose Ф2000mm and Ф1600mm); C61200 with Ф2000mm heavy-duty manual four-jaw chuck (you can also choose Ф1600mm, Ф1800mm). Ф1600mm Ф1600mm Ф1600mm Ф1600mm This series of machine tools supply two kinds of center frame, that is, a closed center frame and an open center frame.

This series of machine tools for the universal universal lathe, it is suitable for high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools for different materials of the shaft parts, cylindrical and disc-shaped parts, turning the outer circle, end, cut, cut, boring , Car boring inside and outside the cone, and can use the knife (through the wheel) turning length of less than 600 mm of various threads and other processes.

Swing over bedmm160020002500
Swing over carriagemm125016002200
Max.length of workpiecemm3000~20000
Max.torque of face chuckkg.m8000
Formof bed guide way
Span of guide waymm1600
Max.cutting forcekg16000
Max.weight of workpiecet32
Taper hole of spindle
Dia.chuck Dmm1600/1800/2000
Range of spindle speedsr/min0.8~160
No.of spindle speeds
Feed motion level
Range of longitudinal feedmm0.125~48
Range of feed
Metric threadmm2~40
Inch threadmm1~14
Module threadmm1.5~20
Max.travel of cross slidemm725/725/800
Max.travel of top slidemm600
Section of tool shankmm70
Dia. of tailstockmm300
Travel of tailstock quillmm300
Taper hole of tailstock quillmm100(1:7)
Rapid speed of tailstockmm/min3000
Rapid speed of tailstock quillmm/min664
Main motor powerkw75


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