Swing Dia.800MM-1000MM(2T) Big Bore Manual Horizontal Conventional Lathe with 140MM Spindle Bore

Product Details

Standard general manual machine description

This series of lathes is suitable for all kinds of turning work, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, other turning surface, end face, but also processing a variety of commonly used threads - such as metric, inch, modulus, diameter thread and drilling, Tapping, tipping trunking and so on. The machine can be processed steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and other materials. When the machine is finished, the roundness error is not more than 0.01mm, the cylinder degree error is not more than 0.04mm in the measuring length of 300mm; the torsion plane bed, the high quality cast iron is carefully manufactured and the induction hardening of the guide surface is precision, Bed width of 600mm; by the Teflon rail flexible rail composed of rails wear-resistant, vibration absorption, precision retention is good; spindle with three support structure, high rigidity, high precision, can be strong cutting. Spindle through the hole for the Ф100mm large hole; 18 wide speed range, you can choose a more reasonable speed; can be directly turning metric and inch thread; slide box has a fast moving body.

Swing over bedmm8001000
Swing over carriagemm480680
Max.length of workpiecemm1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Max.turning lengthmm1350 1850 2850 3850 4850 5850
Pan of guidewaymm600
Spindle nosemmC11(C15  optional)
Spindle boremm100(140  optional)
Taper hole of spindle
Range of spindle speedsr/minforward:6~750    reverse:10~775
No.of spindle speeds
Longitudinal and cross
Cross/long longitudinal feed
Screw pitch of leadscrewmm12
No. and range of metric thread
50 ;1~240
No. and range of inch thread
26 ;14~1
No. and range of module thread
53 ;0.5~120
No. and range of dia. thread
24 ;28~1
Rapid traverse speedmm/min4000
Distance of spindle and tool planemm33
Tool post swing range°±90°
Max.travel of cross slidemm500
Max.travel of top slidemm200
Section of tool shankmm32(202x202)
Dia. of tailstockmm100
Travel of tailstock quillmm250
Taper hole of tailstock quill
Main motor powerkw11
Lengthmm3670 3985 5165 6220 7400 8260


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