Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Completed The Test Acceptance Of The First 40-ton Heavy-duty Lathe! Deliver Users!

- Oct 05, 2018 -

The maximum load of the lathe is 40 tons. The bed is made up of three rectangular rails with integral box shape. It is cast in one-time casting with high-grade cast iron (HT300). After two times of aging treatment, the stability is good. The width of the guide rail is 1600mm, and the rigidity is good. Strong vibration capability; the inlaid steel guide surface is quenched by medium frequency (hardness exceeds 68° Shore) and precision ground by imported guide grinding machine to ensure long life, high precision and good retention. Suitable for high-speed steel and hard alloy steel tools for shaft parts of different materials, cylindrical and disc-shaped parts, for turning outer, end, grooving, cutting, boring, inner and outer cones, and can be used The upper tool holder (via the hanging wheel) turns various threads with a length shorter than 600 mm. When the machine tool is finished, the roundness error is not more than 0.012mm, the cylindricity error is not more than 0.04mm in the measurement length of 300mm, and the surface roughness (Ra) is not more than 2.5μm.

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