CK9555 High-power Marine Diesel Piston Machining Variable Oval Lathe Project Passed The Acceptance

- Dec 18, 2017 -

On December 7th, 2017, leading by Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. "CK9555 high-power marine diesel piston machining variable oval lathe" issue at the user site - Zhongyuan Piston Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance. Li Yufeng from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Department, and Li Kai-Zhao from Henan Province Department of Industry and Information Technology Equipment attended the meeting. The leader of the project acceptance expert is Li Xiankai who is from Shenyang Machine Tool (group) Co., LTD.,. Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., China Agricultural University, Zhengzhou Micro-nano Technology Co., Ltd., Anyang Institute of Technology, Henan Science and Technology, and Henan Zhongyuan Piston Co., Ltd., all of them made a self-assessment report on the subject, and Henan Zhongyuan Piston Co., Ltd. as the machine tool users introduced the application of products and test verification. The subject completed the prototype development, achieved simulation or full digital long axis variable elliptical processing; carried out the overall characteristics of the analysis and optimization of design techniques; large-size high-power variable-ellipse CNC machining technology; Large-size piston clamping technology research; machine manufacturing process and process control technology; process specifications and technical standards. The concept of derivative system is proposed and applied to large-size, variable-size, variable-elliptical CNC turning. In the derivative CNC system, the traditional dedicated control system will be used as an independent component with the same structure and function, while the non-circular turning system Derived components are completed, derived functional components can be relatively independent of the operation, does not take up the original system resources, the internal sampling frequency can be different from the main system. The main technical parameters of the equipment: Maximum turning diameter: Ф550mm; Maximum processing length: 1000mm; Maximum variation of length and short axis: 3.6mm; Turning spindle maximum speed: 1500r / min; Spindle turning accuracy: 0.002mm; Rapid feed speed: X / Z Axis 15000mm / min; turret linear motor repeat positioning accuracy: 0.0005mm; machining roughness: 0.8μm; This product can perform convex cylindrical elliptical piston finish machining, reliability and accuracy of the stability reached the current international advanced level. During the implementation of the project, a high-level professional and technical team with the combination of production, study, research and use was set up. Through the research on the processing technology of high-power piston, a batch of high-power marine piston processing equipment technology Under the scientific research mechanism of joint production, study, research and use, research technicians have not only enriched the theoretical knowledge of enterprise scientific research personnel in the research and development of high-end numerical control machine tools, but also enhanced the training of teachers and other personnel in institutions of higher education High-end CNC machine tools in the development of practical experience, while training enterprises for a number of high-quality skilled personnel, initially in Anyang Xinsheng Machine Co., Ltd. established a production, learning, research, with "a combination of" high-power Marine diesel engine piston processing variable oval lathe "research and development platform for the successful development of products and professional personnel training provided a good platform environment. Through the implementation of this subject, the common key technology of variable ellipse lathe for high-power marine diesel piston processing has made a major breakthrough, solved the problem of variable-ellipse piston machining of diesel engine, and realized the simulation or the all- Processing machine tool industry to upgrade the technology to lay a good foundation for the development of related fields to provide an effective process assurance for the machine tool manufacturing enterprises to establish a high level of R & D platform and efficient manufacturing platform for the promotion of non-circular shaped turning manufacturing and related The development of the industry and the adjustment of the industrial product structure have landmark significance.

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