Commonly Used Knives

- Jun 22, 2017 -

① Indexable blade code. Material from the tool application, CNC machine tools with a variety of materials are mainly carbide. From the structure of the tool, the CNC machine tool is mainly used in the mold folder can be transferred to the blade of the tool. Therefore, the use of carbide indexable inserts is one of the things that NC machine operators must understand.

Select the machine folder indexable blade, first of all to understand the indexable blade model that rules. According to the international standard ISO 1832-1985, the indexable method of indexable inserts is composed of 10-bit strings, which are arranged as follows. In general, the 8th and 9th bits of the code are filled in as required. In addition, each company can add some symbols, with the connection number to connect it with the ISO code (such as a PF on behalf of chip breaker). Indexable blade for car, milling, drilling, boring and other different processing methods, the code of the details are slightly different.

② can be indexable blade chip breaker groove. In order to meet the cutting can chip, chip smooth, good surface quality, cutting edge wear and other comprehensive requirements, can be made into a variety of chip breaker chip slotted groove.

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