High Speed Steel Turning Tools

- Jun 22, 2017 -

High speed steel (also known as wind steel, front steel or white steel)

High speed steel is a kind of alloy steel containing tungsten and chromium. China's successful trial of the B202 chrome-free high-speed steel, B201 cobalt-free special high-speed steel, B212, B214 cobalt-free super-hard high-speed steel and B211, B213 low cobalt high-performance high-speed steel. Saving valuable precious metals. High-speed steel function: high hardness, HRC62-65. About 45 times the hardness of 45 steel. With a certain degree of red hardness, temperature level up to 560-600 degrees Celsius. Toughness and processing performance is better. High-speed steel tool manufacturing simple, easy to sharpen, for the use of fine knives, but the hardness is not as good as hard alloy, it is not easy for high-speed cutting. High-speed steel materials with black and surface polished two; the former is not heat treatment of high-speed steel, which is heat-treated high-speed steel, also known as white steel.

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