Large Slant Bed Full-function Machine Tool AD55

- Sep 12, 2018 -

The company's large slant bed full-function machine tool AD55 has been delivered to the user. The AD55 series adopts a 75° high-rigidity overall bed with a diameter of 1050mm and a maximum cutting diameter of 800mm. The spindle is equipped with a ZF two-speed reducer to increase the torque and widen the guide way ensure the high rigidity of the whole machine, the center of the spindle is close to the operator, the sub-spindle is equipped with a chuck, servo drive and hydraulic lock, which is more convenient for the operator to operate. It is equipped with a φ300-φ600 hydraulic steady rest which is installed vertically, and there is a workpiece carrier. The bracket is equipped with a rotary roller, the workpiece can be moved axially thereon, and  convenient to load and unload. The machine tool can process the inner cavity of cylinder parts with complex geometry, large size and high precision. The machine can process the inner joint of cylinder parts with complex geometry, various sizes and high precision, which is suitable for the production of large, medium and small batches of cylinder parts and single parts, specially for high efficiency and high precision machining of large cylinder parts in coal machine industry.

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