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- Jun 22, 2017 -

Ancient lathes are hand-pulled or pedal, through the rope to rotate the workpiece, and holding the tool and cutting.

In 1797, the British mechanical inventor Mozzley created a screw lathe drive the modern lathe, and in 1800 using the exchange of gear, can change the feed rate and the pitch of the thread being machined. In 1817, another British Roberts used four pulleys and back wheels to change the spindle speed.

In order to improve the degree of mechanization of automation, in 1845, the United States Fitch invented turret lathe.

In 1848, the United States appeared roundabout

In 1873, the United States Spencer made a single-axis automatic lathe, and soon he made three-axis automatic lathe

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a lathe with a gearbox was driven by a separate motor.

After the First World War, due to the needs of arms, automobiles and other machinery industries, various efficient automatic lathes and specialized lathes developed rapidly. In order to improve the productivity of small batches of workpieces, in the late 1940s, lathes with hydraulic profiles were promoted, and at the same time, multi-knife lathes were developed. 50 years, the development of a perforated card, plug plate and dial code, such as the program control lathe. CNC technology in the 1960s began to use for lathes, 70 years after the rapid development.

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