NC Classification

- Jun 22, 2017 -

CNC lathe can be divided into horizontal and vertical two categories. Horizontal lathe and horizontal rails and tilt rail two. High-grade CNC sleeper gears are generally used tilt rails. According to the number of knives, can be divided into single-tool lathe CNC lathe and double-knife CNC car, the former is the two coordinate control, which is 4 coordinate control. Double-pole sleeper most of the use of inclined rails.

CNC lathes and ordinary lathes, but also for the processing of parts rotating surface. Generally able to automatically complete the cylindrical, conical surface, spherical and thread processing, but also processing some of the complex surface, such as hyperboloid. CNC lathe and ordinary lathe workpiece installation is basically the same, in order to improve processing efficiency, CNC lathes and more use of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric chuck.

CNC lathe shape similar to ordinary lathe, that is, by the bed, the spindle box, knife, feed system pressure system, cooling and lubrication system and other components. CNC lathe feed system and ordinary lathe quality difference, the traditional ordinary lathe has a feed box and exchange gear rack, and CNC lathe is directly with the servo motor through the ball screw drive slide and knife to achieve feed movement, and thus The structure of the feed system is greatly simplified.

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