Saddle Lathe

- Jun 22, 2017 -

The left side of the saddle lathe at the front of the head is immersed and can accommodate large diameter parts. The shape of the lathe is high, the middle is low, the shape of the saddle, so called saddle lathe. Saddle lathe suitable for processing radial size, axial size of small parts, suitable for turning the workpiece outside the hole, the hole, end face, slot and metric, inch, modulus, section of the thread, but also drilling, , Reaming and other processes, especially for single, batch production enterprises to use. Saddle lathe can be processed in the saddle slot larger diameter workpiece. Machine tool rail hardened and refined, easy to operate and reliable. The lathe has the characteristics of high power, high speed, strong rigidity, high precision and low noise.

12. Instrument lathe instrument lathe is a simple horizontal lathe, in general, the largest workpiece processing diameter of 250mm below the machine, mostly belong to the instrument lathe. Instrument lathe is divided into ordinary type, hexagonal and fine type. This lathe is mainly hand-operated by the workers, suitable for single-piece, simple parts of the mass production.

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