The Lathe Function Is Compounded

- Jun 22, 2017 -

The purpose of functional compounding is to further improve the productivity of the machine and to minimize the use of non-processing assistance times. Through the function of the compound, you can expand the scope of use of the machine to improve efficiency, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, a machine can be a CNC lathe can achieve both turning function, can also be achieved milling; Machine can also be achieved on the grinding process. Baoji Machine Tool Plant has developed a successful CX25Y CNC turning and milling compound center, which also has X, Z axis and C axis and Y axis. Through the C axis and Y axis, you can achieve the plane milling and hole, groove processing. The machine is also equipped with a strong power tool holder and vice spindle. Vice spindle with built-in spindle structure, through the numerical control system can be directly to achieve the main and vice spindle speed synchronization. The machine tool to complete a complete processing of the workpiece, greatly improving the efficiency.

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