10"Slant bed CNC lathe machine with linear guideway

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AD-25 full-function CNC slant bed lathe description

This CNC lathe machine bed adopts the box-shaped structure, one-piece moulding casting technology, and 45-degree slant bed base. The length of the workpiece is specified: 625mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm. The turret is 12-position hydraulic turret made in Taiwan. Spindle motor uses Japan FANUC 30 / 6000i P-wide wide-area high-performance AC servo motor, stepless speed, spindle box without gear structure. 10-inch dead hole hydraulic chuck and high-speed fuel cylinder, and equipped with foot switch made in Taiwan, it is easy to install the workpiece. The Hydraulic Tailstock is standard equipment, tailstock sleeve is programmable. Hydraulic system components are imported. Axis X/ Z transmission system uses high-precision ball screw driven by FANUC AC motor directly, there are no belt and gear drive, avoided the backlash and vibration generated. CNC system uses the internationally renowned FANUC, SIEMENS or China GSK980TD AC servo control system. This CNC lathe machine has fully enclosed protection, and equipped with emergency stop safety button, when it suddenly encounters a sudden power failure or other failures, as a result of the special design of the control circuit, the machine can be self-protected to ensure the safety of itself and personnel. The operation panel is about 1500mm from the ground, it is highly moderate, ergonomic, pleasant and easy to operate and understand the operation of the machine.

This CNC lathe machine can be added axis-C used as turning centre, also can be added online detection function; hydraulic clamping force grading automatic adjustment function; In accordance with the special needs of users added automatic bar feeder, automatic doors and other automation peripherals device.

The AD-25 full-function CNC lathe has a semi-closed-loop control system that increases productivity through high-speed cutting. It is suitable for machining all kinds of complex shapes of shaft, sleeve, disk parts, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end face, slotted, chamfering, drilling, reaming, especially for multi-species, a small batch of turning processing. Easy clamping, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low scrap rate, good consistency of the finished product, and reducing the technical proficiency requirements of workers, easy programming, simple operation, which makes it is widely selected as the ideal small and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment.

Swing over bedmm520
Max. dia. cuttingmm420
Max.workpiece lengthmm625/1000/1500/2000/3000
Max. turning lengthmm530/905/1405/1905/2905
x-axis travelmm230
z-axis travelmm590/965/1465/1965/2965
Rapid travel of x
Rapid travel of z
X/Z feed speed
Spindle speedrpm35~3500
Spindle powerkw18.5/15
Spindle nose
Spindle bore(Dia.)mm87
Size of chuckinch10
Front bearing dia.mm130
NO. of stations
Indexing times0.3
Size of turretmm25X25
Dia. of bar shankmm40
Max. travelmm490/865/1365/1865/2865
Quill Dia.mm85
Quill taper hole
Quill travelmm80
Main powerkw30
CNC system


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