6"Mini Slant bed CNC lathe machine with VDI turret

Product Details

AD-10 full-function CNC slant bed lathe description

This lathe machine bed adopts the international advanced integral slant bed structure, the guide way adopts the high precision rolling linear guide way, which ensures the high rigidity and high precision. It is suitable for high speed and high precision machining, the chip conveyor can be placed on the side or the rear. Bed material is HT300 cast iron that uses resin sand casting molding,  45 ° overall inclined bed structure. Headstock design has a good cooling and noise elimination function, and can be equipped with tool setting based on user’s requirements. Spindle uses the unit structure with front and double bearing support, the bearing brand is NSK made by JANPAN. The X and Z guide way use four-row rolling linear guide made in Taiwan, coupled with imported precision ball screw drive, ensuring high precision, high load capacity, high reliability, smooth operation, effectively improved the processing quality and tool life. Tailstock uses hydraulic tailstock, rectangular sliding guide structure , automatic top-tighten workpiece, it is reliable for processing a variety of slender shaft parts. Turret standard configuration is horizontal 8-station electric turret made by China's Yantai company. CNC system uses the internationally renowned FANUC system, the machine is fully enclosed protection, equipped with emergency stop safety button, when the machine suddenly encountered unexpected power failure or other failures, due to the special design of the control circuit, it can be self-protection , To ensure that the machine and personnel safety.

This lathe machine is suitable for machining all kinds of complex shapes of shaft, sleeve, disk parts, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular surface, end face, slotted, chamfering, drilling, reaming, especially for multi-species, small batch of turning processing. Easy clamping, process adaptability, high processing efficiency, low scrap rate, good consistency of the finished product, and reducing the technical proficiency requirements of workers, easy programming, simple operation, which makes it is widely selected as the ideal small and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment.

Swing over bedmm400
Max. dia. cuttingmm300
Max.workpiece lengthmm600/850/1100
Max. turning lengthmm500/700/950
x-axis travelmm210
z-axis travelmm530/710/1050
Rapid travel of x
Rapid travel of z
X/Z feed speed
Spindle speedrpm45~4500
Spindle powerkw7.5
Spindle nose
Spindle bore(Dia.)mm50
Size of chuckinch6
Front bearing dia.mm80
NO. of stations
Indexing times0.4
Size of turretmm25X25
Dia. of bar shankmm32
Max. travelmm530/730/980
Quill Dia.mm80
Quill taper hole
Quill travelmm130
Main powerkw17
CNC system


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